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Jared Justen is an indie folk singer-songwriter based in Minneapolis. With gentle vocals,

emotional lyrics and simple chords decorated with complex finger-picking, Justen’s

stripped-back music tells beautiful stories.


Justen’s ‘My Son’, from his 2018 debut album ‘Sky Align’, is a sensitive acoustic recording

inspired by the stylings of Jose Gonzalez, Alexi Murdoch, John Martyn, Nick Drake and

Iron & Wine. Justen cites Jose Gonzalez as an important influence because of his

deceptively simple take on guitar-focused acoustic songwriting. This year, ‘Sky Align’ will

be followed up by ‘Wolves Teeth’, releasing in late summer.


Justen’s love for music blossomed during college, where he found himself listening to a

lot of post-rock and prog metal alongside his acoustic favorites. This intense

interest culminated in Justen deciding to learn guitar as a New Year’s resolution. Around

this time, a good friend had released a folk record, which inspired Justen to begin

composing his own music with a focus on keeping chords clear and simple whilst

experimenting with complex finger-picking patterns.


As a self-confessed introvert, Justen finds that pains and ills are often internalized for him.

His practice of writing poetry in-between college assignments soon evolved into

songwriting. These art forms, the artist explains, helped him reconnect with his deepest

self: “If I found myself feeling a bit sad, struggling or burdened, I

would outlet my emotions through words and rhymes. I feel I developed my voice by

writing more, trying to improve with each successive song. My earliest songs were like

poems with guitar underlays. You can probably hear creative depictions of frustration if

you listen more closely to some of my lyrics.”


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In his second album, Wolves Teeth, Jared Justen refines his simple, yet complex songwriting technique while exploring the personal vulnerabilities and frustrations of early adulthood. Fans of Mariusz Duda, Riverside, Anathema, and Jose Gonzalez will embrace this distinctive guitar-oriented indie-folk sound. See what critics are saying below and stream Wolves Teeth on your favorite platform today!

“[Jared] has magic in his hands! He plays the finest acoustic versions that evoke a jubilant nostalgia. His clear songwriting and mesmeric vocalization make his new album Wolves Teeth the embodiment of perfection.” --Anna Abbott, Your Digital Wall


“One can feel the elements of trauma, vulnerability, and frustration in [Jared’s] lyrics. Every song showcases a different human emotion.” -- Richard Brown, The American Reporter


“The stand out feature that permeates each track is Jared’s unique lyricism and authentic vocal color. Each track captures a different aspect of [his] creative compositional ability.” -- WokeChimp


“With sensational acoustic guitar skills and a voice that laments so smoothly, Jared strikes the industry with his latest album Wolves Teeth.” -- Alicia Parker, Daily Music Roll


“[Jared] embraces the silences and spaces between notes. He makes them a part of his work. [Wolves Teeth] is refreshingly simple and poetically executed.”-- The Ark of Music

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